When planning to visit Ontario, always remember that in Canada every season has its own beauty. When scheduling the visits for you and your family, always have it planned around the events that you can visit and see. Nation capital of Ontario is Ottawa, and it also has the most prominent city is Toronto. When traveling to Ontario by car, always remember that due to some heavy snows in winter season you’d better search for a parking with roof or an underground parking.

When One Should Visit Ontario?

Summer Season

The summer season happens to be a hectic season in Ontario mostly considering its lake regions, Niagara Falls, and its wine country. The season often gives hot and warm weather where you can see everything since they are open. In this season, there are most summer theatres, parks, and beach destinations which always operate between May to October. You can decide to make your trips between July and August where you will get beautiful weather in Ontario with moderate temperatures, sunny skies, and lower humidity, which is also early autumn. If you want to visit at foliage season peak, then October is the month to go. Here, the weekend leaf peepers all like flocking to the countryside of Ontario. If you are a fall visitor, then you may opt to avoid this crowd whereby you stay in Ontario cities during the weekends then in the weekdays, you head back onto the countryside.

Late Spring

May month up to early June are the new spring season which happens to be the best time too for making your trip to Ontario. Despite there being some of the rainy days where you have to be well prepared, the place is always quiet. There are only a few travelers too and also the lodging prices during the season are moderate as well. The North area should be avoided during this late spring season since when you have hiking, camping, or canoeing plans; you will face the fierce mosquitoes since its the season for black flies too. During fall or late summer, you can encounter some few pests.

Winter Season

The winter season in Ontario starts in early November and goes on till April. The season is snowy and cold, and its best season you can visit Ontario if you want to enjoy snowshoeing, skiing, and skating too. You must also be ready to dress for this cold weather and take some breaks to the city. There are some excellent deals for the lodging too since all calendars are full in Ottawa and Toronto.

Autumn Season

The season comes with great fall colors where modern wine countries which include Niagara at the lakes and Prince Edward Country are all alive with their visitors and harvests who seek to have wine testing during this so cold temperature. Autumn is also cool for those who are on holidays during this season since they have nothing to lose and you can stay there as much as you want since there are accommodating prices. People are friendly, and everything is perfect for you.

When planning your trip to Ontario, apart from thinking concerning the weather, you should also think of what you want to visit and enjoy there. Ontario is a cool place to be in all seasons; it only depends on when you are ready and what you want to see.