A relationship can be considered healthy if it brings out the best in you. We all fall in a relationship but it reaches a time when one wonders whether he/she is in a healthy relationship or not. Although no relationship is perfect, there are various qualities that should tell you whether you have a healthy relationship or not. Knowing the qualities of a healthy relationship will help you to strengthen your relationship and to avoid engaging in unhealthy ones.

In this article, we are going to look at the various qualities of a healthy relationship.

Qualities of a Healthy Relationship.

1. Trust.

One of the qualities of a good relationship is trust. Individuals in a relationship ought to trust one another even when they are far away from each other. You would not say a relationship is healthy when nobody trusts the other! In fact, most relationships will die once the trust is broken. You and your partner should always have confidence in one another if you have to remain in a relationship.

2. Honesty.

You and your partner should always be truthful and open to each other. In a healthy relationship, you should not tell lies to your partner. For example, you should avoid giving fake promises or saying tales that does not exist. Nobody feels safe when dealing with a liar! Be honest and tell the truth no matter whether it hurts or not. Even when you feel guilty of infidelity be honest to your partner.

3. Proper Communication.

A relationship can be said to be healthy if there is proper communication between you two. You should be able to speak your mind and to express yourself to your partner without fear. Don’t assume your partner know what you are thinking or what you want. Making assumptions will kill your relationship within no time. Proper communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

4. Respect.

In a healthy relationship, both partners have due respect for each other. Yous should be able to value your partner beliefs, opinions and who he/she is. Everybody needs some respect and so does your partner. Never make your partner feel undermined as this will go a long way to kill your relationship.

5. Equality.

In a healthy relationship, you and your partner should always have equal say. This means that you should make decisions together and everybody should contribute his/her own opinions freely. A relationship where one person has more say than the other won’t last long. Somebody will always feel inferior and this will kill the morale to love.

6. Comfortable Pace.

In a healthy relationship, both of you should feel comfortable. You should allow your relationship to grow in a pace that is bearable to each one of you. Nobody should feel pressurized to do things when they feel that it’s not yet the right moment.

7. Independence.

Everybody should have his own freedom and space to do his/her own things. Remember that you have a life outside the relationship and so you should not spend all your time handling relationship issues.

The above are some of the qualities of a healthy relationship. If you don’t see such things in your relationship, you need to take care.